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Experience Value Added Services Not Seen Anywhere:

  • Live High Probability Trading calls through Emails and SMS
  • Top Investment Research reports, Market updates and Summary
  • Access to Professional Trading Mastery (Online Video Course worth $397) for “FREE” – See below for Full Details
  • Priority to Market Outlook Seminars where Specific Stocks Opportunities will be revealed
  • Professional Advisory on Stocks and CFD and when you need an Expert Opinion

Joey as featured

Here’s a sampling of the training videos you can expect in the Client’s Membership Area once you are part of my Community:

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  • Discover 2 Simple Yet Effective Trend lines that will put your trades in perspective
  • How to use Horizontal price levels that can Assure a 70% chance of a positive trade setup
  • The Ultimate 5 Second-Step to Determine the Trend of any counter like a True Professional
  • Learn the Only 1 Technical Indicator you Need to Master if you can only Choose one.
  • The 5 Easy Steps of looking at a Simple Trend indicator that Practically Guarantees your Direction chosen is correct and you can Deploy every week (WITHOUT messing up your clean charts)
  • What kind of Trading Volume Necessary for Maximum Results (and another Rookie Mistake to avoid like the plague)…
  • The four types of Continuations Patterns you absolutely MUST use to Maximize profit potential (and no, I’m NOT just talking about random chart lines)
  • One “logical lie” that is talked about in almost every free blog post about Reversal patterns that you Absolutely DO NOT want to do…
  • How, where and when to use this Risk Management template and the one trick you need to know about it. (HINT: Mess this up and your trade – or even your entire account – could get busted .)
  • How to Get way more “Sniper Targeted” Trade Setups than a random Vague trade idea in your watch list …for LESS THAN 15 mins.
  • The 4 Fundamental Basic Principles of Candlestick bar before you even touch on their Patterns
  • The 5 Different Bullish Candlestick Patterns that can Achieve seemingly high accuracy… even without looking at the market
  • The Absolute Critical foundation to CFD trading before you place a single order
  • Avoid potentially-embarrassing “rookie” mistakes on CFD (including two big ones that some blogs tout as being “best practices”)…
  • The Sneaky, almost Dirty tactic you can use to Get Out of a losing position Automatically without Staring at your monitor like your peers.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Two Advanced trading platforms that will Set you apart from 80% of retail traders
  • The Six Step “Cheat Sheet” that Virtually guarantees your Success…
It is absolutely “FREE” to open a Trading account so Take action right away. Already have a POEMS account? Even better, get it transferred to my care. Register below with your Name and Contact details.

Raving Reviews from Clients

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The client support and follow up from Joey is excellent even though I am not an active trader. For me, it has made my trading more transparent and focus within my controlled environment. Thank you again for your valuable services and support, cheers !!Kevin Oh - Manager

Have been a client of Joey for 6 months or so and find that the tips and email alerts he provided are quite useful. Timely sms alerts on bullish setups received proved useful and one can sometimes make quick buck and reasonable profit if fast to react as most times his charting trends proved to be accurate. Am a satisfied client , with his advice and services rendered.Cheryl Ong - Secretary
Thanks Joey for being my remisier. I have learnt and benefited from each of your technical trading calls which you shared through SMS and emails. Very detailed on the entry, target price and cut loss level. Appreciate very much. Anie Hapi - Engineer
Whether you are seasoned or a newbie in trading, you would definitely benefit with Joey as your broker. His materials are informative and relevant to you whatever strategy you are using. His service is fast, efficient and tailored. He is a man with an easy personality, making everyone comfortable to approach him. Akram Effendi - Student
Hi Joey, thank you so much for your daily updates and insights of the stock market. I find it very informative and good tools to decide which stocks to long or short ! Thank you once again, I will complete the form and submit it to you to open a trading account ASAP….Betty Lim - Admin Officer
Hi Joey, thanks for all the informative articles and detailed research I wish I could have traded with you instead of paying so much commissions to my keyboard remisier ! I will work something out to transfer some funds to support you…….Ken Ong