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The stock market can be a tough nut to crack at times. Whenever you have any opened positions, the markets seems to go against you. Whenever you buy any stock, it dips. Whenever you sell, it rises even higher. At times, its seems like it is just out to get you. It plays with your emotions so hard that you have no idea whether you should just hold on or simply get out.

Worst still, there are so many stocks out there and you have no idea which to trade, even if you do, you have no idea when it’s a good time to enter or exit. And you are confused of all the conflicting research reports that affects your decision further. You do not receive much service or trading ideas from your broker and are mainly left on your own, figuring out how people actually make money from the stock market.


Hi friend, my name is Joey, a Top Tier Remisier (Stockbroker) and Trader in Singapore. Well, you are not alone, most people in the stock market are not guided from the start and therefore make mistakes which can be avoided. Trading can be kept simple and there’s no need to struggle through all the problems most people faced if you focus on the right areas.

As one of the active traders in Phillip Securities, I was awarded Top CFD specialist in 2013 followed by Top Account Growth Achievement and Top CFD Remisier in 2014. I am a guest speaker at 938 Live where I share my views on the Stock market and selected stocks regularly.


I have also been invited by SGX to speak under the SGX Sector Connect training series and also by NTU Investment Club to impart my knowledge to their students. My analysis on various stocks has also been published at Shares Investment, one of the leading Stocks Investment portal in Singapore, where I am also featured as one of the leading Market Watchers.

Ok, I have to admit that things were not all that rosy 8 years ago, in fact, I was completely lost when I first started in the market. Then, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the Top Proprietary traders in the world after landing an internship in Goldman Sachs Equity Sales team.


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Since then, I have made every effort to master the Art of Professional Stock Trading. So after being a broker for about 5 years and trader for 8 years and constantly fine-tuning my strategy, I can finally figure out what is it that Top professional traders focus on that often, many of us aren’t. And I am willing to share my experience and expertise with you.

Click the “Get Instant Access” button below to Gain Access to your “FREE” Training Videos. In this video training series, I will cover the Core Professional Trader Framework and the Key 6 Areas that you should focus on right away to really excel in the Stock Market.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Let’s rule the stock market together, let me guide you how, let me show you the way, let me ensure that you succeed in the stock market.

Till then, Trade Systematically, Invest Prudently and Secure your Wealth Today.



Joey Choy

Top Tier Remisier, Trader, Founder of Trading Impossible

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Raving Reviews from Subscribers

Much Appreciate the effort you go into making the video tutorials and the ebook. It certainly touched on the aspects common to most, especially that of instilling discipline and overcoming our emotional aspects to cut loss when our trade goes wrong. That I believe is the phase that everyone, be it amateur or a seasoned trader goes through. Keep up the good work.Cheryl Ong
Thank you so much for the ebook, have not started reading though. Still going through the video trainings. It is indeed very helpful and fruitful to me. Thanks againMatthew Tan
I want to thank you for your generous and valuable sharing, appreciate that. Thank you so much for the videos and information.Keon Suai
Whether you are seasoned or a newbie in trading, you would definitely benefit. His materials are informative and relevant to you whatever strategy you are using. Akram Effendi
Hi Joey, thank you so much for your daily updates and insights of the stock market. I find it very informative and good tools to decide which stocks to long or short ! Thank you once again.Betty Lim
Hi Joey, thanks for all the informative articles and detailed research I wish I could have traded with you instead of paying so much commissions to my keyboard remisier ! I will work something out to transfer some funds to support you…….Ken Ong