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"Real Life Raving Reviews by Graduates who have Attended Precision Trading Intensive". (NOTE: This Live Event is Currently On Hold Due to Current Situation)

If You Are Currently Trading the Stock Market, Thinking to Start Trading or Have just Started and You are NOT Able to Consistently Profit, You Need to Look at this Page Very Carefully...

"100s of people can't be wrong..."

"I Will PERSONALLY Train You in Precision Trading Intensive program To Help You Double Your No. of Wins, Profits and Your Entire Stock Portfolio over The Next 12 Months!"

"I've been here for 2 over days, I feel that the approach is correct, there's no reason why one should lose money provided you follow the right strategy.. Definitely, I've been to a few other courses, I feel that Joey's class is the one that makes a lot of sense, it has given us a lot of tools to do it.." - Raymond Leong

"..in fact if I've known Joey earlier on, I should have attend Joey's class, I shouldn't attend other class... I find that he is very very competent in what he is doing, he knows what he is doing and he is willing to tell us, impart his knowledge... it's worth the price.." - Peggy Hong

"I'm already an experienced trader and I look at every step of this blueprint, it's similar to what I'm doing right now and it works, it's going to work! Especially for new traders, please attend this workshop, very worth it..." - Yow Heng

"Previously when I do trading it's like pluck from the air, I didn't know when to come in when to exit... Joining this class gives me clarity... This Explosive is very simple, straightforward, no complexity, which I can't find elsewhere... definitely it's worth the money" - Arthur Collin

"...the significant signal that shows the explosion is very clear...not only can make money also won't lose much money, gains can be 50% up to 80% in the short term, within weeks or months... Yes, course is worth the amount, it is easily made back from the profit..." - Phua Huat Lee

"I have never seen this Explosive strategy before and I agree that it is a super simple and straightforward thing. Anyone that is exposed to this will be super impressed and definitely you can expect to make some good returns." - Boon Thar Er

"I wished I saw this a few years ago when I started trading, would have save myself a lot of money... I back-tested it on some of the stocks and I am really surprised, or course its my first time seeing it... when I saw it, I was shocked, it really shows...it's amazing" - Clement Cheong

"He gives you a big picture of the whole concept and the framework first then he dives into the details which is easy to understand and people can actually follow.. it differentiate from others.. I am more confident using he techniques.. definitely it's valuable to come..." - Louise Chew

"The 6-Step blueprint is a very systematic and powerful tool... other trainers do not have this kind of blueprint for students... I believe I can make Explosive gains if I were to follow the rules of the 1ET strategy... With what he shared.. it's value for money" - Edwin Cheo

"I will recommend to my friends and relative because Joey's class is very simple, very precise and step-by-step and you definitely can understand what he is teaching. Definitely the price of the course, we can make it back from the stock market in the next even 1 to 2 weeks." - Lina Ting

"...the system is very different from others I have taken before... the 1ET is interesting, I can see the potential of making some big runs... it looks simple but I can see the potential is there... it's worth the price, we just need 1 good run and we can make the money already to cover for the course..." - David Neo

"Definitely, it gives a very concise and clear way of preparing yourself to trade... I don't see any of this Explosive strategy anywhere else, it's a very simple method... Yes definitely I can make some serious gains with this strategy, I've got no doubt about that... " - Simmon Loh

" Although I have experience, it's like I have never heard of it before, it's so refreshing... when you see an Explosive pattern, you know that there is something bound to happen, it's just a matter of time... only i have seen it in Joey's teaching... it's totally something that you would want to know about......after going through other courses as well, Joey's class is really the recommended one. It's totally worth it, totally worth it.. " - Kathryn Hew

"...no no, I have not seen this in books or other courses, this 1ET strategy, it's totally new and it's definitely working, it's powerful... you'll really see the counter shooting up or shooting down when it's bearish, so it's definitely powerful. it's simple to comprehend with the system...50 to 100% gains I have seen, it's proven... I would recommend to my friends because I can see results for myself... Definitely it's worth it... there is no regrets..." - Philip Toh

"I think it's quite interesting, especially the Explosive strategy, because I never know about the (muted), if i knew that, I would have save a lot of money and earn quite a lot of money also. No, this is the first time I have seen this 1ET strategy..." - Patrick Teng

"He has a very systematic trading system, I find it easy to understand.... I'm quite sure that anybody who attends this class will benefit greatly from it. Definitely it's worth the price." - David Siew

"I attended others and I dozed off halfway, and I did not have a chance to get my refund, Joey has challenge to offer a refund if we don't like it... if you have tried somewhere else, by all means try it here and see the difference... this is a very fruitful course..." - Simon Yuen

" The 1ET strategy is definitely one of the most powerful we have ever seen... this one is backed with stuff, with formulas, with Numbers... so it's not a lie.. gains is not just about 1 buy and 1 sell, it's about long term getting more wins and profits then losses" - Kua Zailiang

"Joey make it simple, any non-investor would be able to catch the gist of it easily... the 1ET strategy, never seen it before definitely.. for me it's a very clear cut indicative of how a share will perform with others things he taught will actually plus 1... want to make money must come!" - Alex and Zack

"He actually goes through the whole process starting from the beginning all the way to the end... he has shown some past examples of the charts... most of the big gains from the charts are actually showing this setup so definitely we could identify this and definitely make some big gains" - Abel Seah

(Mandarin) "Joey spoke very well about charts and signals... I have learnt a lot and that's very important... Definitely will have confidence when trading... I will recommend to my friends... this program is worth it, the time and money spent is worth it..." - Ah Hock

"Definitely right now I am more clear in the stock market, and I am very confident I can do well in the future. 1ET strategy is very easy to apply to our trading system next time, definitely can make back the course fees, it's a very good course that I will share with my friends" - Terry Law

"Most workshops out there, they don't really go step by step on how you should do your trades, Joey's course, this unique point is very strongly emphasize, it's the key factor that will bring success in trading...it would be the Best course for any new traders..." - Darren Lau

"He pulls out some of this real life stocks and charts and we are able to apply some of the things he covered. Most of the things he covered, we are able to see it happening in those charts and I think that is very useful.." - Vincent Koh

"Throughout the course I learnt about sell zone and buy zone, as well as the Explosive Strategy... Of course I can make serious gains with this Explosive Strategy, I am looking forward to this strategy when market opens tomorrow..." - Weixiang Ong

"Now, I looked more into technical analysis, not anyhow just go in... No, I have never heard about this Explosive strategy before. From what he taught, I think it's quite easy to do, and if have explosive.... really can make a lot of money..." - Hwa Khong

(Mandarin) "..I have no finance background at all. But after listening to Joey's sharing on stock analysis, I am much more confident in trading. He has explained his techniques in very simplified terms that anybody can understand, I feel it is very useful...I now know when to buy and sell to make more profits..." - Zhengzhi Zhao

"I find him very structured, step by step... I am confident and I am positive, I have attended other courses but for me I have a good feeling...Certainly, in fact I will point out to them if they don't come and learn in a structured way, they will continue to make wrong decisions like I did in the past.." - Kum Cheong

(Mandarin) "the program covers everything from basic to advance in a step-by-step manner, so it's very helpful to newbies. If you follow the 1GT strategy, I think 70-80% we will make money. The content is very rich, I am satisfied. I feel it's very worth it, I learnt something important..." - Victor Koh

"I am so impressed Joey, he's so passionate and committed.. You will win more when you are in the right direction and lose less when you are wrong. It's value for money, it's so complete, I've been through many courses, this is the most complete one. The environment, there are so many mentors to assist us, it's a good testimony.." - Stephen Seah

"Joey's system make me realized that I can't go in to the stock market blindly.. Now I know how to put stop loss, when to take profit and ride the trend.. I have attended other training but Joey's course is very easy to under, very easy to follow, so simple you can't make mistakes..  That is the exciting part, I'm looking forward to trading using the Explosive strategy" - Chee Kim

"This is something eye-opening for me that I have never come across.. Now I am more confident to go into the stock market again.. Definitely will recommend to my friends.. It's worth the price I have paid, at least I learnt something, I know what I'm supposed to do and what I'm not supposed to do. I should be able to earn back within the next couple of weeks" - Rodney Lim

What is Precision Trading Intensive?

Precision Trading Intensive freedom

Precision Trading Intensive is NOT just another "how to" course on stock trading.

It is NOT about a perfect winning strategy - yet this secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE wins than you've ever experienced before.

It is NOT about huge profits - yet these secrets will explode your profits MORE than any strategy tweaks or back-test ever could.

Precision Trading Intensive is A SHORTCUT.

Low wins and small profits are actually symptoms of a much greater problem that's a little harder to see (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that's the good news).

In this program, you will find the underground blueprint we created after executing thousands of trade and perfecting what works.

You now have access to all of the processes, systems and tools that we use to double our Stock portfolios.

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Why Joey's "Inner Circle" Is

The Closest Thing To FREE Money That You'll Ever See!

More Live Raving Reviews?

"I trade with direction now, as from previously, it's just han tum han tum... I went back to check and found that it is very accurate, I think it is very good, you can just trade based on what has been taught... Starting with my wife, I am encouraging her to attend..." - Samuel Sim

"I wish I had know about all this before trading... It totally change everything that I know about trading... Everybody can do it, you just follow whatever Joey told you, and it's very very powerful...  It's weird that it's so simple yet it's effective... I cannot choose to ignore and not use the method...  " - Wei Ping

"No I have not seen this anywhere else, this is definitely a very powerful program and I believe it's going to help a lot of people... Based on his Blueprint, I doubt one would fail.... I am sure I can make good profits, 40% to 50% gains in time to come. I am not Surprised as I have already made some Gains...." - John Tan

"The information given is very clear, precise and quantifiable... Joey's strategy is definitely very very powerful... I am very confident that I will be able to make some serious investment gains..." - John Lim

"Its a very Step-by-Step kind of approach, it's not complicated... I have never seen it used this way, the way it is being combined, I think it is very very powerful... it's not messy, it's 1 clear step" - Sara Soong

"This strategy that Joey presented is very simple yet very powerful... Wow, I have never seen such a strategy before... definitely will make serious gains. It's definitely value for money" - Kian Meng

"Just having the eye opening to know how to plan, how to execute, I think this course is worth it, I benefited from it... it's the systematic way in which he does it, everything fits into a simple Blueprint and I think I can follow it so anyone else can too" - Paul Lim

"He was very precise and in-depth in his explanation... I am very impressed by this Explosive Strategy, I actually went to look at stocks with this strategy in mind and I found that it actually follows hand in hand with what the strategy says..." - Michelle Chong

"... completely no where else, this is something very new, something very innovative and I would say very useful as well. It's effective and no where else can you ever get this kind of information. Personally, I have already made serious gains..." - Weijin Seah

"It really blow my mind, its very powerful and wonderful...definitely will make very serious potential gains. I wish I could have known this much earlier... This course is definitely worth much more than what I paid for, it has shorten my learning curve so much..." - Sean Pang

"It helps me a lot and give me much confidence. This is the only one that he put it very simple and able to understand... It's not the money, its the knowledge that you receive that counts. Surely, I will recommend, especially those newbies..." - Lim Eng

(Mandarin) "I feel much more confident and my success will definitely be higher. The content is very comprehensive and easy to understand. I 100% admire Joey's teaching method. Joey is my first mentor, I am really lucky... I will use his strategy to trade..." - Jason Soh

"Ths is the First time that I am hearing such a strutured Step-by-Step program, it's very clear and concise, actually Joey just share everything. Ya of course, definitely with this Explosive Trading Strategy, it will definitely help to make serious gains..." - Kenneth Lim

"I am more confident... No, I have not seen this at other workshops before, it's pretty new and it's really kind of mind blowing... powerful and I think it's easy to apply.. this is a very content rich course..." - Yvonne Ng

"the technical training, especially the Explosive Trading from his package is very helpful... has actually helped me define a better strategy... this is definitely a good training program to give a good clear perspective on how to approach the market..." - Jude Lum

"Until today, I find that it's one of the best strategy... it helps a lot to know where I am going to... All the while I have never come across such a strategy, the first time having this tells me it's quite Powerful...It's much easier.. more confident also, know when to get out" - Alex Seah

"It's the way he explains it, very clear, very simple... in a very layman's term which I find it easy for me to understand... He gives very good examples...with the Excel sheet, we can compute and do it in a very structured manner... this is something I cannot find elsewhere..." - Christina Ng

"...if you really follow Exactly to his blueprint, Step-by-Step, you can really make money, profits... Joey's Scanning system that picked up this stock, if you follow, you are already in the profit... What's app group is very helpful... It really give the student the whole package..." - Cyphre Goh

"the 1ET strategy is simple and easy to use... we would certainly make gains easier then without this strategy.. I am really looking forward to using it...If i could minimize my trading losses in the past, I would certainly have made more than the course fee" - Amos Low

"Definitely I will recommend to my relatives and friends because the format that he teach us is very clear and simple.. after the course you can apply it already so its very useful.. definitely worth it, the knowledge I can use it for the rest of my life..." - Amberlyn Tan

"it's very systematic and all the things which you need to know in stock trading you can learn in this course...The 1ET strategy is definitely a very powerful tool for trading in the market... the program, ya definitely, its definitely worth it" - Raymond Lee

"This training is very comprehensive, very detailed... What I like about this course is that Joey puts in the effort to basically explains what goes on behind the system rather than just telling you when to buy when to sell. This gives you more confidence to evaluate if its a good entry" - Yu Sheng

"I don't know anything about the stock market before, but the course is very structured... Joey explains systematically. After attending Joey's course, I realized the market is not that bad, it's how we do it, I am quite confident I know how to make money through stocks" - Joel Chu

"The steps taught, it does provide a good clarity on how to trade the stock market.. using this, it will help to trade more consistently in the long run... I hope that more people will get to learn the right techniques taught rather than being very inconsistent like what I have done for many years already..." - Joo Min

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