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Joey Offers You

The Chance to Receive ALL His Proven Trading Secrets, His High-Level Technical Analysis Expertise, His Proprietary Explosive and Trending Systems at This

Incredible 2 and a Half Day Program

Discover How You Can Massively Tilt the Trading Odds in YOUR Favour and Literally be the House in the Stock Market

This INTENSIVE Program is Guaranteed to shorten the learning curve for you, where Joey, for the first time ever, literally show hands all his knowledge and experience, into a Complete Blueprint to stock trading.

You will first be equipped with the core fundamentals of stock trading with key progressive topics, followed by an in-depth understanding of how Joey’s strategies work.

He will then introduce his 2 Proprietary Systems: 1 Explosive Trade (1ET) and 1 Good Trend (1GT) where you get hands-on practice to affirm what you have learnt. You will be given 1 year private access to both systems that scours the market for such potential trade setups.

PTI - Are you ready

Precision Trading Intensive is Joey’s signature program where students learn proprietary stock trading strategies that allow them to conquer the Stock Market in an interactive and exciting experience.

In this 2 and a half days intensive program, you will learn powerful lessons on Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology and Risk Management at the highest level and so much more....

You will also pick up cutting edge rule-based strategies to trade any markets and grow your wealth consistently with stocks. As a student, you will have access to Joey's proprietary scanner that allows you to spot Gems in just under 10 minutes a day.

In this hands-on step-by-step program, you'll be given the same exact blueprint Joey uses as a Trader and a Top Tier Remisier.

This Year 2018, You Might Just Be One of A Small Group of Very Lucky Stock Traders and Investors Who Will....

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Join Him For An Awesome 2 AND A Half-Day Immersion Training Where You Will Learn Impressive Techniques and Know-How That Can Help You Take Your Trading Skills and Consistency to a Whole New Level...

Joey thought long and hard about what he wanted to do for his highest level 2 and a half day training program. He wanted to offer incredible value and outperform people’s expectations BEYOND anything he’d ever taught before.

Precision Trading Intensive will bring you exactly what you need the most to help you get to the level of trading performance, mindset and consistency that you know you are ready for! 

Joey is Extremely Excited that for the FIRST TIME EVER................

He can Share Everything that He Knows about Stock Trading to a Select group of students.

Want to learn the Science of trading psychology so that your emotions will never get in the way when trading?

Want to know the Very Strategy that Joey uses to track High Potential High Probability trading setups?

Want to know the Ultimate Sequence of Analyzing a Stock Step-by-step, exactly which Indicators To Prioritize?

Then this Event is One that You Absolutely Won’t Want to Miss!

Joey has been creating, tweaking and perfecting his Stock Trading skills and strategies over the past 8 years. He’s not holding anything back. Everything he’s learned, you’re getting it ALL.

But of course, we understand that this event may not be for everyone. There are two kinds of people in the world: People who are willing to do whatever it takes to find success And people who make excuses. And it’s all up to you which type of person you would rather be.


  • You want to learn more from Joey about advanced trend trading techniques, risk mitigation and explosive strategies
  • You want to be able to find the much needed clarity in trading with the help from Joey’s expert tutelage
  • You want to learn the higher level techniques and strategies you need to take your trading competency to the next level…
  • You’re interested to spend a full 2 and a half days in an exclusive, intimate setting with Joey and his team…


  • You’re perfectly happy with your trading consistency right now and earning a fraction of what others are earning each month...
  • You hate learning anything new or technical and would prefer to find your way to success on your own…
  • You don’t want to learn from Joey and his team, and you don’t want to network with other like-minded traders or learn how others do things…
  • You’d rather give up on having new experiences and the opportunity to invest in your own education…

Imagine if Joey Was Looking Over Your Shoulder, Standing Alongside You As You Learn Hands-On the Top Strategies that He Uses Daily

During this 2 and a Half days, you will NOT ONLY Get all your Questions about stock trading clarified, you will also experience 1st hand, the strategies that works and those that don't.

Joey will offer you his expertise as a Top Tier Remisier and Trader and impart to you the core foundation skills needed to survive in the brutal stock market.

It will be a very structured and intensive training, covering key topics step-by-step. After the program, you can expect to analyse any stock like a true professional without any guesswork, come out with a plan, trade the plan and ultimately profit consistently in the long run.

After Years of Back-testing and Constantly Refining his Strategies

Joey has Finally put all his Knowledge and Experience into Devising 2  Proprietary Scanner Systems and THEY ARE.........

1 GOOD TREND (1GT) System

I am sure you have heard of this phrase: "The Trend is Your Friend". This is absolutely true for trend Trading Strategies but Joey believes that it is Critical to know who your friends are too when trading.

This system scrutinizes the market with an inbuilt algorithm and handpicks stocks that fulfill all the Proprietary Criteria of 1GT System.

1 Good Trend - 1GT System

With this trend trading system, you will be able to amplify your profits in the right trend direction while protecting them along the way.

Joey believes that A Good Trend is all you really need to see your profits compound and your portfolio grow.

In Joey’s Trend Trading Strategies, when the trend is right and all conditions are fulfilled, taking profit on existing positions is not the core focus but instead, Joey seeks to add more positions while taking concrete steps to protect profits while riding the trend. This will maximize your profits instead of cutting them short.


This 1ET System scours the market for Potential Explosive Price moves which are not just setups with high winning probability but also very high profit potential.

1 Explosive Trade - 1ET System

After years of back-testing, tweaking, and going back and forth  to the drawing board, Joey has put all his knowledge and expertise into conceptualizing an Indicator.

This indicator is able to pinpoint such explosive price action with precision accuracy coupled with a clear strategy to trade it. You can potentially expect moves with 10% to 20% profit potential with this system.

Joey will explain the CORE Concept behind this Explosive strategy so you can fully appreciate the Power of this System. This system is for Traders who are keen to catch big moves fast, hitch on them, take a ride and get out while the iron is hot while trailing stop losses closely.



1) The Science of Trading Psychology and Developing a Winning Mindset

2) Strategic Chart and Candlestick Pattern Recognition

3) Proven Sequential Entry and Exit Strategies

4) Sealing the deal with Technical Indicators

5) Trend Trading Domination Blueprint

6) Explosive Trading Concept and Detection

7) Risk Mitigation combined with Money Management

8) Essential Trading Edge Progression

9) Cutting Edge platform to Short and Leverage with Advanced Order Execution

10) Putting it ALL together with Joey’s Top Tools and Resources

Wait, That's Not All......  

You'll Get ALL the Support You Need After this 2 and a Half Day Intensive Program....

As a Remisier, Joey has seen many traders come and go and it pains him to see people lose money and eventually give up just when they are about to make it. Therefore, after this Intensive 2 and a half day program, you will have access to PTI Graduates Quarterly Gatherings for a total of 12 months.

Through live gatherings after this Intensive program, you will get to practice and hone your trading skills further with like-minded individuals, thereby increasing your confidence. Not only will Joey personally handhold you through this trading journey, you will also be in a warm-hearted community where everyone can learn one from another. This is crucial in trading because you need the support not just from Joey but from the community to truly succeed in the long haul.

In addition to the above support, you will have Lifetime access to a Private Facebook Group where graduates can discuss and post questions and trading ideas. You will also have Lifetime Access to Mobile chat group where more time sensitive trading calls are issued.

What Others Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

If you are keen in Technical Analysis, Joey is the definite go-to Authority."

"A lot of retail investors in the market have knowledge on stock trading but they don’t have the real-life skills. The application of knowledge into skills is the thing that differs between top traders and the rest.

Joey not only does well in imparting his valuable knowledge and experience to you but also teaches you how to apply them in real life. If you are keen in Technical Analysis, Joey is the definite go-to authority.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to achieve a breakthrough in the stock market."

Shanison Lin
- Founder / CEO of InvestingNote

"I've gained tremendous value from Joey's mentorship and program.... His step-by-step system and structured analysis allows anyone, even a total newbie like me to think and most importantly trade like a professional trader."

"Joey’s course, Precision Trading Intensive is extremely relevant for all, whether you are just getting started in trading or seeking new ways to beat the markets. You can expect a broad coverage of various technical analysis tools, from charts to candlesticks and indicators, coupled with first-hand exercises to consolidate your learning.

With his wealth of experience in picking winning trades, Joey has even devised his own impressive trading algorithm to detect explosive movements in price for optimum entry. In the course, Joey shares various valuable personal tricks and techniques so that you can do the same.

I've gained tremendous value from Joey's mentorship and program and my approach to the stock market has changed completely. His step-by-step system and structured analysis allows anyone, even a total newbie like me to think and most importantly trade like a professional trader."

Jessica Tan
- SMU Undergraduate
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I absolutely love his technique of sourcing out explosive trades, have attended several courses but none of them had shown this method before, simply intriguing."

"Joey’s course has not only covered the core foundation of Technical Analysis but also went deeper step-by-step into how we should analyze any stock from key patterns and indicators.

I absolutely love his technique of sourcing out explosive trades, have attended several courses but none of them had shown this method before, simply intriguing.

Can’t wait to use his 1ET system to filter out the gems. Would unreservedly recommend this course to anybody who is determined to excel in the stock market and make some serious gains."

Seah Weijin
- Seasoned Trader

So What Will You Get in this Program Specifically?

Live Intensive Event

For the First Time Ever, Joey will personally reveal all his secret trading strategies, high level thought process in a 2 and a half day full-immersion event. This event will be held in a luxury 4 star hotel where lunch buffet is provided. It will be a hands-on systematic process of learning where you get to network with like-minded individuals. 


This INTENSIVE Program is Guaranteed to shorten the learning curve for you, where Joey, for the first time ever, literally show hands all his knowledge and extensive experience, into a Complete Blueprint to stock trading. You will get all the essential skills needed to beat the stock market and start off at the right footing.

Comprehensive Trading Manual

You will receive a program file filled with more than 300 slides, documenting all of Joey's techniques, knowledge and experience in a structured format. Every single page will be colour printed where you get to see detailed charts accompanied by key explanations.


This is to ensure an optimum level of delivery and comprehension so that you can listen to the training attentively without fear of missing out anything.Of course, you can take small notes to supplement the training manual to better remember the concepts and apply them.

After the program, you can review all the valuable content in this manual in your free time and practice.

Lifetime Access to Private FB Group

You will have lifetime access to a private Facebook group with PTI Graduates where our warm-hearted community discuss strategies, asks questions, share trading ideas and continue to learn from one another.

This is something like a private forum where you can clarify any doubts you have. Joey and his assistants will do their best to personally answer queries and engage the group members.

fb group - Precision Trading Intensive

Access to Inner Circle Mobile Chat Group

You will also have lifetime access to a private mobile chat group where live stock trading calls are posted not just by Joey but also PTI graduates who become experts themselves.

Mobile chat group - Precision Trading Intensive

You can also share your trading idea in this group where others can comment and further add their opinion. This group will mainly be for time sensitive trading opportunities so that we can broaden our reach and not miss out on any gems.

As a tight knitted community, everybody can contribute and spot any huge potential trade setups and profit together. More eyes are better than one when trading.

1 Year Access to Proprietary Scanning System

You will have 1 Year Access to two of Joey's very own proprietary stock scanning system, the "1 Explosive Trade" (1ET System) and "1 Good Trend" (1GT System), that culminated after years of refining his strategies.

Access to Proprietary System

Both of them have their distinct algorithm programmed to scour the market for potential explosive and trending trade setups respectively. After mastering the fundamentals and key strategies, you will then have a hands-on practice of these systems.

PTI All-In-One Trading Spreadsheet

As a participant of this intensive program, you will be given an All-In-One Excel spreadsheet where you will have a hands-on practice.

It comprises of a trading journal, exact profit and loss calculator, risk management spreadsheet and high level key trading metrics computation entirely not see anywhere before.

Calculator - Precision Trading Intensive

These are the same exact tools that Joey uses daily which cannot be found anywhere. It auto computes and tracks your performance real time, giving you the much needed information to improve. It allows you to determine your strengths and weakness, so you can take concrete actions to trade better. You're guaranteed to have more discipline and clarity with this tool.

PTI Graduates Quarterly Gatherings

After the program, you will be able to attend Quarterly Live gatherings for a 12 month period where Joey will review the market and key stocks with his graduates and also discuss the strategies that he has imparted to you. You will be able to ask questions during these sessions and hone your trading skills further.

PTI Graduates quarterly gathering

These sessions will be guaranteed to build your confidence further and ensure that you stay on the right track. You will also get the support of the Joey's tight-knitted graduate community, who are probably experts themselves after attending Joey's program.

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the 2 and a half day intensive training, you would have to take a 20 questions quiz before being presented with a Certificate of Completion.

This is to ensure you truly understand some of the key concepts of stock trading and also for Joey to gauge your understanding and clarify any doubts.

Certificate of Completion - PTI

With this certificate, you are now a proud graduate of Precision Trading Intensive program and a part of the warm PTI community where you will continue to hone your trading skills and get the support of the community. 

What Others Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Joey is the real deal when it comes to stock trading - an accomplished trader who is willing to teach what he knows passionately."

"Joey has taught us with clear examples how to spot high probability trading setups and more importantly, how we can position ourselves to profit from these high reward to risk trades.

His strategies are unique and allow one to ride the full potential of a stock’s upside or downside, while employing proper money management skills.

After attending this program, I am now more disciplined and I am able to come out with a proper trading plan. Joey is the real deal when it comes to stock trading - an accomplished trader who is willing to teach what he knows passionately.

Would recommend this program to all stock traders out there who really want to find success."

Gavin Chia
- Trader

"I have never heard of the Explosive pattern. I have never heard about it anywhere, any of the courses, any of the seminars that I have attended. This Explosive trading strategy is simple yet powerful that everybody can understand it.

"The thing that Joey taught about the trend and the Explosive method, it really change my perception of the stock  market. I always over- analyze things and he make it very simple for me to understand. He make it into a very simple approach for me to know when to buy and sell, when to cut loss, basically just simple things that any human beings can understand.

I have never heard of the Explosive pattern, so that is very powerful. I have never heard about it anywhere, any of the courses, any of the seminars that I have attended. This Explosive trading strategy is simple yet powerful that everybody can understand it. I wish I had know about all this before I start to trade.

I think I will recommend it to everybody that I know. Because anybody who attends the course will change their whole entire outlook on the whole trading system. Everything, Joey just explain it simply to use and it's weird that it's so simple yet it's effective. For other programs that I have been too, they complicate me and make me think more, when thing are actually so much simpler, so I will recommend this program to anybody.

Wei Ping
- Bank Executive
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

For me, this technique alone is worth the weight of the course investment...."

"I particularly like his powerful concept of sourcing out very high potential trades. I have been trading for many years using price action and indicators but have not seen this method of spotting such setups.

For me, this technique alone is worth the weight of the course investment which I am sure a lot of graduates will agree with me on that.

Joey explains his 2 strategies very patiently before letting us try his scanning system so that we know the core fundamentals of how his systems work and not follow blindly.

Have definitely gained a lot from this intensive program where all my learning over the years has been consolidated and put in perspective."

Nicholas Wong
- Trading Representative

joey Profile pic
Joey Choy
Founder and Chief Trainer at Trading Impossible / Trader / Top Tier Remisier / Top CFD Remisier / Top Account Growth Achiever / Top CFD Specialist

About Joey Choy

Joey is the founder and Chief Trainer at Trading Impossible. As one of the Top Tier Remisiers (Stock Brokers) and Traders in Singapore, he was awarded Top CFD specialist 2013 followed by Top Account Growth Achievement 2014, Top CFD Remisier 2014 and Top Trading Representative 2015 by Phillip Securities. Joey has been a regular guest speaker at 938 Live where he shares his view on the general market and selected stocks.

He has been invited by SGX to speak under the SGX Sector Connect training series and also by NTU and SIM Investment club to impart his knowledge to its students.

Joey is also the most widely-followed Stock broker in InvestingNote with hundreds of followers. He is featured as one of the leading Market Watchers at Shares Investment and also a trainer at ShareInvestor Academy.

He was given the opportunity to work in Goldman Sachs Singapore (Institutional Equity Sales) as an Intern where he was mentored personally by the Crème of the crop in the industry. 

Joey Choy - Top Remisier - Collage
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