"Your Trading Strategy Sucks"

There is a way to make the stock market work for you - and I know it!

Have you ever wondered how people trading on the stock market become really, really rich?

You struggle and struggle to earn just a few dollars on top of your investment, yet their income is progressing nicely and consistently.

What are you doing wrong?

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but probably a lot.

And it’s not your fault!

It’s just that the internet is filled with deceptive information and tips from people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

And very often, these people are broke.

If you want to learn how to be healthy, would you go ask someone who’s sick?

If you want to learn how to have a happy relationship, would you go ask someone who’s single or divorced?

It’s simple - if you want to learn how to make money on the stock market, learn from someone who makes money on the stock market.

And I’m telling you, I’ve been struggling to be a successful trader for years until I finally came up with strategies that bring results.

But more about me later. Now, let’s talk about you.

The seminar is designed to help people like you...

People who really want to make money on the stock market, and maybe try hard, but their bank account doesn’t show anything for it.

Before I tell you what I’m going to teach you on in this "FREE" seminar, let me tell you why you’re failing.

3 Reasons You're Failing...

Reason #1: You expect to make a big hit and bail

This is the stock market, not the lottery.

To make money doing this, you need to start thinking in the long run.

And I’m not saying that a big hit is out of the question, but if it comes, it will come after years of hard work and it will come because you know enough about the stock market to make it happen.

Reason #2: You don’t know what you’re doing

Probably you’ve tried some strategies, but they either don’t work, or when you don’t see big returns, you quit and go for something else.

Of course, there’s the chance that you’ve never really followed a trading system. That’s even worse.

The fact is, you just have no idea what to do succeed in the stock market.

Reason #3: You think you’ve heard it all before

Trading is one of those things where you always have something new to learn.

I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I am still learning new things almost every day.

To all the successful traders I have spoken to, they are still seeking to better their edge and hungry to learn more.

So, if you’re ready to let all those things go, think long term, stick to a proven trading strategy and open your mind to learn what I want to teach you....

Your “luck” on the stock market will suddenly begin to change.

What do I have to teach you, you ask?

I Will Teach You How To Win!

1) The "6-Step" Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint

6 Step Blueprint - picture

It’s all about the right blueprint.

If you know you are following the right blueprint, even if you lose from time to time, overall you will win.

And with this "6-Step" Ultimate Stock Trade Blueprint, chances are you will win over and over again in the long term.

The bottom line is, this simple system is a shortcut that lets you take the right decisions when most people wonder how to react - and as a result, it will have an explosive effect on your income!

2) The Explosive"1ET" Strategy

Every once in a while, the market offers you amazing opportunities for explosive deals.

If you know when and how to seize these opportunities, you will soon become one of the leaders in the industry.

Let the 1 Explosive Trade Strategy, aka "1ET" strategy help you through this.

This proprietary indicator called "Joey's Explosive Index" is developed through complex trial and error methods and now, FINALLY, it works perfectly.

I get it...

You are seeing these Dots on the charts (Entry signals) and have no idea why they are there...

But once you know the core essence of this strategy and what goes on behind the dots, that's when you truly appreciate it's Explosive power.

3) The Profit Maximizing "1GT" Strategy

Explosive profits are good, but as I already mentioned, the stock market is not all about “explosions” - it’s about consistently taking good decisions.

And to help you take those, I founded the 1 Good Trend Strategy, aka "1GT" strategy.

This system will let you follow the trends and make the right choices in order to achieve your specific goals.

It also protects your stock portfolio and helps you maximize your earnings.

So who am I and how do I know all these things I say I’m going to teach you?

My name is Joey and I have almost a decade of experience doing what I do - and 5 years of that I spent making mistake after mistake.

I am one of the Award-Winning Top Tier Remisiers (Stock Brokers) and Traders in Singapore.

I was awarded Top CFD specialist in 2013, Top Account Growth Achiever and Top CFD Remisier in 2014 followed by Top Trading Representative, Top CFD Achiever in 2015 and 2016 by Phillip Securities.

I am the Most Widely Followed Trainer and Stock Broker in Singapore on InvestingNote - Singapore's first Social Stock Trading platform.

Beside being a regular guest speaker at 938 Live, I am also featured as one of the leading Market Watchers at Shares Investment and a Trainer at Share Investor Academy – both established Stocks Investment portals in Singapore.

​I had the opportunity to learn from some of the Top proprietary traders in the world with his stint at Goldman Sachs Equity Sales.

If you’re interested in trading, I’m sure you know the amazing value of a great investment.

This would be it - a great investment staring you right in the face - learning trading from someone who CAN trade.

So the only question left to answer is:

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*This is a FREE workshop & no credit card is required*

In this FREE Workshop, Here Are a Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...


How we rocked the Stock Trading world by using this simple "6-Step" Multi-Dimensional Blueprint to add more value than anyone in our market had ever seen before... AND you'll get the INSIDE scoop on how it panned out for us... Guaranteed to put all your trades in perspective...


The shocking difference between: 'Uptrend', 'Downtrend' and 'Sideways Trend' and the 1 method I use to get it right almost 80% of the time in less than 5 seconds... (It matters. Big time.)


My Top 2 Favorite Candlestick patterns....PLUS: I'll show the exact chart that earns me a positive ROI no matter which of the 2 I choose... AND: I'll show you what to do to make sure that you NEVER waste money on LOUSY Trade setups (HINT: Don't Trade unless you are at least 70% sure you are gonna get a Gain in return)


How to 'Bullet Proof' your trades no matter what the candlestick, indicators or any other patterns say... learn this simple truth about trading and you'll never have to worry about LOSING too much again!


How we Scan the ENTIRE market to get way more "Sniper Targeted" Trade Setups and HUNT for winning stocks in less than 3 minutes! (Even if you're a newbie or novice trader, with this system, it'll take only 5 minutes max.)

WARNING: Space is Limited.

Also, these LIVE Trainings fill up Extremely fast because they undoubtedly thrash the information that others charge you thousands for.... even though they are free!

Programs with Joey Choy
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Lock in Your Seat Now before It's Gone!

To be honest, I Really Don't Know When the Next Workshop will be after these few due to My Really Tight Schedule.

​So if you miss any of these upcoming workshops, NOT ONLY will you miss out on some of our Top Trading ideas......

It will also be another 3 - 5 months wait or maybe even longer....


Because I am not just some trainer behind a laptop who probably teach for a living and hold previews every other week...

We do these Stuff Daily on a Real Life Trading Floor with Multiple Screens...

Where thousands of trades worth millions of dollars are executed monthly...

Not Just By Me But by My Clients and Students Altogether.

So, you got to ACT FAST if you DON'T WANT to MISS OUT again on Seeing this Ultimate Blueprint, the POWER of My Explosive Strategy and all the stuff as mentioned above...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Joey Choy

Top Tier Remisier, Trader, Chief Trainer, Top Account Growth Achiever

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