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The Explosive Trading (1ET) Strategy Revealed for the First Time by Singapore's Top Tier Remisier and Trader

The Proven Strategy for Consistent Profits in the Stock Market... Even If You're a Complete Beginner Who Haven't Yet Place a Single Trade Order in Your Life


  • 1st November 2017 (Wed), 7pm
  • 5th November 2017 (Sun), 2pm

Location: Central Singapore (Full details upon Registration)

Hi there, I'm Joey.

Precision Trading Intensive freedom

I believe you’re reading this right now because you’re looking for a powerful and effective Stock trading Strategy.

One that allows you to profit in the Stock market consistently.

Or perhaps you are searching for that one trading methodology.

Or that one person who can finally clear all your doubts in the stock market and set the record straight.

Does this Sound Like You ?

  • You have no idea what stock to buy and even if you know you have no idea when to Enter or Exit?
  • You have been reading online and from books, getting bits and pieces of information without any clear system and still unable to get it right.
  • You don't have the time to monitor the stock market and by the time you do, you are already nursing huge losses.
  • You don't dare to look at your stock portfolio because every time you glance at it, you realized you have lost another few hundred dollars and the thing is, you do not know what to do.

If you are saying yes to any of the points above, then I think I might have something for you that will completely change the way you look at the stock market.

The fact is, there are many others just like you.

Based on my experience as a Top Tier Remisier in Singapore, I have seen many others who are in the EXACT same situation as you.

Things don't have to be this way. Trading is really not that difficult if you have the Right System and Steps to follow.

I shall cut to the chase before you click away...

See below for some for the stocks where we had a BUY Signal just before it started to Explode upwards....​

Just look out for the BULL or BEAR SYMBOLS which means an ENTRY signal, nothing complicated.​

You could have been a part of this massive rally too and reaped double digit percentage gains with us if you know exactly what my Explosive (1ET) strategy is...

No BS, No crap shots, just real life stocks with real life signals that only a privileged group of people had accessed to.​ 

And now, you have the rare opportunity to Join this privileged inner circle community.

If you want to see the Explosive Strategy and System that has enabled me and my inner circle to reap triple digit gains in less than 2 months.

Then you need to click on the button below and register for this "FREE" workshop​.

In this FREE Workshop, Here Are a Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...


A Glimpse of my Crushingly Powerful EXPLOSIVE Strategy, that anyone - anyone - can use it to turn their trading into a predictable, profit-churning machine! (Trust me... if a 70 year old uncle and my primary 6 niece can understand this STRATEGY, I bet you can - that's REALLY how simple it is...)


How we rocked the Stock Trading world by using this simple "6-Step" Multi-Dimensional Blueprint to add more value than anyone in our market had ever seen before... AND you'll get the INSIDE scoop on how it panned out for us... Guaranteed to put all your trades in perspective...


How we Scan the ENTIRE market to get way more "Sniper Targeted" Trade Setups and HUNT for winning stocks in less than 3 minutes! (Even if you're a newbie or novice trader, with this system, it'll take only 5 minutes max.)


If you think you know what an effective trading strategy looks like... think again! I'll show you how I use advanced trading techniques to literally 'squeeze' my chosen stock out of a pile of gains... if you've got charts being cluttered by 'meaningless' lines and indicators, then you NEED to see how we trade...


The FIRST THING I tell all of my brand new high level inner circle students to get them generating instant profits... PLUS: You'll get to peek behind the scenes to find out what I told one student when he was buying in a clear downtrend... (HINT: It flies in the face of conventional wisdom...)

" Although I have experience, it's like I have never heard of it before, it's so refreshing... when you see an Explosive pattern, you know that there is something bound to happen, it's just a matter of time... only i have seen it in Joey's teaching... it's totally something that you would want to know about......after going through other courses as well, Joey's class is really the recommended one. It's totally worth it, totally worth it.. " - Kathryn Hew

"...no no, I have not seen this in books or other courses, this 1ET strategy, it's totally new and it's definitely working, it's powerful... you'll really see the counter shooting up or shooting down when it's bearish, so it's definitely powerful. it's simple to comprehend with the system...50 to 100% gains I have seen, it's proven... I would recommend to my friends because I can see results for myself... Definitely it's worth it... there is no regrets..." - Philip Toh


Why my trades are ALMOST ALWAYS in these 2 trigger zones and you'll see firsthand how effective this zones really are in bumping up my accuracy (no matter what price action is being seen in there...)


Looking to increase your hit rate by adding a new indicator or pattern to test? DON'T! Attend this workshop instead and you'll discover how to beat any strategy tweak or back-test you could ever hope to make yourself... 


My Top 2 Favorite Candlestick patterns....PLUS: I'll show the exact chart that earns me a positive ROI no matter which of the 2 I choose... AND: I'll show you what to do to make sure that you NEVER waste money on LOUSY Trade setups (HINT: Don't Trade unless you are at least 70% sure you are gonna get a Gain in return)


My 'naked eye' approach to solving the stock trading puzzle... and discover the fundamental difference between a $100 profit and a $10000 profit... (HINT: It has to do with how much of the chart you actually 'see'...)


The shocking difference between: 'Uptrend', 'Downtrend' and 'Sideways Trend' and the 1 method I use to get it right almost 80% of the time in less than 5 seconds... (It matters. Big time.)

And That's JUST The First 45 mins of the Workshop... You'll Also Get My Top Favorite Indicator... My LIVE Trading Analysis for the Next Day Action... And SO MUCH MORE!

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"I trade with direction now, as from previously, it's just han tum han tum... I went back to check and found that it is very accurate, I think it is very good, you can just trade based on what has been taught... Starting with my wife, I am encouraging her to attend..." - Samuel Sim

"...the significant signal that shows the explosion is very clear...not only can make money also won't lose much money, gains can be 50% up to 80% in the short term, within weeks or months... Yes, course is worth the amount, it is easily made back from the profit..." - Phua Huat Lee

"...if you really follow Exactly to his blueprint, Step-by-Step, you can really make money, profits... Joey's Scanning system that picked up this stock, if you follow, you are already in the profit... What's app group is very helpful... It really give the student the whole package..." - Cyphre Goh

Here's What to Do Next

To be honest, I Really Don't Know When the Next Workshop will be due to My Really Tight Schedule.

​So if you MISS any of these upcoming workshops, NOT ONLY will you MISS out on some of our Explosive Trading ideas......

It will also be another 3 - 5 months wait....


Because I am NOT just some trainer behind a laptop who probably teach for a living and hold previews every other week...

We do these Stuff Daily on a Real Life Trading Floor with Multiple Screens...

Where thousands of trades worth millions of dollars are executed monthly...

Not Just By Me But by My Clients and Students Altogether.

So, you got to ACT FAST if you DON'T WANT to MISS OUT again on Seeing this Ultimate Blueprint, the POWER of My Explosive Strategy and all the stuff as mentioned above...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Joey Choy

Top Tier Remisier, Trader, Chief Trainer, Top Account Growth Achiever

Joey Choy profile right

Here's A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Joey Choy

Joey is one of the Award-Winning Top Tier Remisiers (Stock Brokers) and Traders in Singapore.

He was awarded Top CFD specialist in 2013, Top Account Growth Achiever and Top CFD Remisier in 2014 followed by Top Trading Representative, Top CFD Achiever in 2015 by Phillip Securities.

He is the Most Widely Followed Trainer and Stock Broker in Singapore on InvestingNote - Singapore's first Social Stock Trading platform.

Beside being a regular guest speaker at 938 Live, Joey is also featured as one of the leading Market Watchers at Shares Investment and a Trainer at Share Investor Academy – both established Stocks Investment portals in Singapore.

​He had the opportunity to learn from some of the Top proprietary traders in the world with his stint at Goldman Sachs Equity Sales.

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