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Professional Trading Mastery (Membership Program)

Online Training Videos on:

  • Professional Traders Framework
  • Top Trading Strategies
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Platform
  • CFD

And more videos added periodically…

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Professional Trading Mastery - Joey Choy

Raving Reviews from Clients

Much Appreciate the effort you go into making the video tutorials and the ebook. It certainly touched on the aspects common to most, especially that of instilling discipline and overcoming our emotional aspects to cut loss when our trade goes wrong. That I believe is the phase that everyone, be it amateur or a seasoned trader goes through. Keep up the good work.Cheryl Ong
Thank you so much for the ebook, have not started reading though. Still going through the video trainings. It is indeed very helpful and fruitful to me. Thanks againMatthew Tan
I want to thank you for your generous and valuable sharing, appreciate that. Thank you so much for the videos and information.Keon Suai
Whether you are seasoned or a newbie in trading, you would definitely benefit. His materials are informative and relevant to you whatever strategy you are using. Akram Effendi
Hi Joey, thank you so much for your daily updates and insights of the stock market. I find it very informative and good tools to decide which stocks to long or short ! Thank you once again.Betty Lim
Hi Joey, thanks for all the informative articles and detailed research I wish I could have traded with you instead of paying so much commissions to my keyboard remisier ! I will work something out to transfer some funds to support you…….Ken Ong