There are a lot of fear when it comes to stock trading. That fear alone discourages hundreds of potential stock traders from taking into the business. It also de-motivates new stock traders from succeeding at their profession.

However, half of those fears are created from stock trading myths. In fact most of them are not true and they are indeed the word of mouth. Sure, there have been quite a lot of mishaps when it comes to stock trading, but that doesn’t mean there are no ups to this profession.

With all that being said, here are three truths regarding stock trading that will change your view about the whole business;

1) You can be successful at stock trading

This is a statement that most people want to hear but don’t really get to hear that often. They all think this is a business where the failure percentage is way higher than the success percentage. The key part of being successful at stock trading is to keep your trades consistently low risk over time.

It is true; you won’t be able to make that giant profit without taking a few high risks. You may miss out on a few opportunities where your colleagues or friends took the risk and made big. However, you will realize over time that those big risks are not always worth it.

You may make the big money but once that big risk fails to materialize, you will end up destroying whatever money you had made all your life. So it is advisable, to keep your risks low and earn money on a consistent level.

2) Stock trading does not require you to work around the clock

You do not have to spend every day, every minute of your life thinking about the stock market. No, that’s not healthy and it won’t do you any good in the market. You don’t have to work so much to make decent money out of stock trading. In fact, you can consider stock trading as a part time job.

Keep in mind; this isn’t a field where you can become rich with no effort. You have to put your time and energy in order to be successful. But if you are smart and efficient with your work, then you can do well with minimum effort. Spend 3-4 hours a day, do your preparations right and follow the right procedures, and you will be happily living life with your earnings.

3) Experience matters

Experience in the world of stock trading is a huge factor. You may not have the said experience but you can always bank on people who have. Listen to their stories, use their advice, and learn from their mistakes. Banking on the experiences of others will speed up your quest to become successful in stock trading.

Use the knowledge of others. Read books by successful traders and learn from your stock broker Singapore, take classes or better yet, get a mentor. All these will definitely guide you to where you want to go.