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Tips For Part Time Stock Traders

Stock trading is a very lucrative business opportunity. You can make a lot of money if you do things right. With a little bit of luck you can earn a decent amount of money in [...]

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How to Find the Best Automated Stock Trading Software

Stock trading is a technology based business. With so many electronic devices involved, it comes as no surprise that automated trading platforms give stock traders a huge boost in profits. It simplifies your investments and [...]

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Moving on to the Final Quarter of the Year, are we Bearish or Bullish? – Joey on 938 Live

Joey was interviewed on 938 Live after the trading session ended on Friday, 2 October 2015. Do check out his quick views on the market as we move on to the Final quarter of 2015. [...]

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6 Common Stock Trading Rules

When it comes to stock trading, there are certain rules that you must follow. If you do follow those rules, you will suffer fewer losses and you will become successful in a short matter of [...]

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 5 Books Every Stock Trader Should Read

Modern day stock trading is heavily reliant on technology. A stock trader’s life is filled with computers and network communication machines. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of modern day equipment, lie 5 books on [...]

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3 Truths Regarding Stock Trading

 There are a lot of fear when it comes to stock trading. That fear alone discourages hundreds of potential stock traders from taking into the business. It also de-motivates new stock traders from succeeding at [...]

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What Clients Say

Have been a client of Joey for 6 months or so and find that the tips and email alerts he provided are quite useful. Timely sms alerts on bullish setups received proved useful and one can sometimes make quick buck and reasonable profit if fast to react as most times his charting trends proved to be accurate. Am a satisfied client , with his advice and services rendered.
Cheryl Ong, Secretary
Thanks Joey for being my remisier. I have learnt and benefited from each of your technical trading calls which you shared through SMS and emails. Very detailed on the entry, target price and cut loss level. Appreciate very much.
Anie Hapi, Engineer
Hi Joey, thank you so much for your daily updates and insights of the stock market. I find it very informative and good tools to decide which stocks to long or short ! Thank you once again, I will complete the form and submit it to you to open a trading account ASAP
Betty Lim, Admin Officer
I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The client support and follow up from Joey is excellent even though I am not an active trader. For me, it has made my trading more transparent and focus within my controlled environment. Thank you again for your valuable services and support, cheers !!
Kevin Oh, Manager